Newborn Baby Found in Bushes at Harris County Apartment Complex

A newborn baby was found early Thursday morning abandoned in the bushes of an apartment complex, the Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

Around 5 a.m., a man at The Bridges of Cypress Creek apartment complex on Red Oak Drive was leaving for work when he heard crying noises coming from the bushes. "He couldn't tell what it was, and then he looked and saw that it was a baby," said sheriff's office spokesman Jason Spencer. "He found a baby girl still with the umbilical cord on, lying on the ground."

That man, Albert Peterson, told KHOU he at first thought the sound was coming from a toy. When he picked up the baby, she was still covered in blood and mucus and had ants all over her. Peterson took her back to his apartment, then called 911. "That’s just sad, for a human being to do another human being like that," Peterson told the station.

Spencer said deputies followed blood on the sidewalk back to an apartment, where they found the baby's mother. Spencer said the mother admitted that she had given birth around midnight, then carried the baby down to the bushes and left her there.

Both the mother and the baby were taken to a hospital for evaluation; the mother appeared physically fine, Spencer said. The baby had various insect bites.

Spencer said no charges have been filed, but the sheriff's office is continuing its investigation.

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