Man Plans to Run 24 Hours for LINC Houston

You can always put your money where your mouth is, but then there's the put-your-feet-there option.

Mark Junkans, executive director of LINC Houston, is getting literal about the feet thing. On Saturday, Junkans plans to run 24 hours straight to raise $100,000 for LINC Houston programs and the communities LINC serves, according to a release issued Tuesday.

Junkans started LINC Houston in 2002, an organization focused on helping Houston families become self-sufficient. The organization has helped more than 125,000 people and started more than 35 churches, according to the release.

Junkans got the running idea, formally known as "Run 4 the City," after his daughter ran a half-marathon to raise money for her school. An endurance athlete, Junkans decided to challenge himself in a way that would both basically kick his own ass -- because running for 24 hours should do that -- and hopefully raise money for the organization and inspire others. (Kind of like in Chariots of Fire, where the Scottish guy is running for God instead of just himself.)

By running 24 hours, Junkans is taking a crack at running more than 100 miles, which will be traced on the Web site with a live GPS tracker button, according to the release. He'll start 2 p.m. Saturday in northwest Houston and finish 2 p.m. Sunday in Trinity Lutheran Church Downtown, 800 Houston Avenue. The end of his very long run will be capped with an after party. Because once you've run more than 100 miles, it's time to party.

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