Man Pleads Guilty To Trying To Help The Iraq War Effort (And Himself)

Stephen Patrick Day of Houston is a patriot.

When war came in Iraq, he asked not whether it was the right war; he asked not if WMDs existed or if Iraq had anything to do with 9/11.

Instead he asked how he could scam some serious bucks out of the venture.

Day owns Logistics Group International, and he pled guilty today to ripping off the government in supplying food to soldiers in Iraq. He conspired with a company called American Grocers Inc., partaking in the classic yet still fruitful game of using two invoices -- one for what his company actually billed AGI, and one he would send on to Uncle Sam for reimbursement.

Shockingly, the ones he sent to Uncle Sam were higher than the actual invoices.

Our first assumption in such matters is to figure it's a typographical error, because it's so hard for supply companies to get good workers in the Middle East when everyone is volunteering to help the US cause on the frontlines. Plus, to think it was intentional would mean you were embracing the preposterous notion that some Americans and some American companies were using the Iraq war to run up lots and lots of cash, in some kind of unregulated, anything goes atmosphere.

So imagine our shock when Day admitted guilt today. We're sure he just wanted to avoid a time-consuming trial and all that.

The feds say Day's plea involved a little more than $32,000 in false invoices. But the guy he was dealing with, Samir Itani of AGI, faces trial later this year for, as the feds say, "falsifying at least $1.9 million in costs AGI purportedly incurred trucking food products from its suppliers to its Houston warehouse."

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