Man Shot Dead After Going Berserk and Trying to Choke Roommate's Dog

Reading the police blotter is a daily adventure. From meth addicts to bank robbers to perverts and everything in between, there is always some strange story that's enough to make anyone shake his head in wonder. Today is yet another one of those days.

According to police, a man is dead after being shot by his roommate during a disagreement about 11:10 p.m. on Wednesday at 5801 Hollister. This, in and of itself, would not warrant much more than a casual glance until you dig into the details. According to the report, the victim and his roommate were watching a movie and the victim began to provoke the roommate's dog. No details on what he was doing -- those laser pointers can drive animals crazy -- or what kind of dog it was -- my money is on a bichon frise because those damn puffy heads are annoying as hell.

The roommate warned the victim that if he continued to provoke the deadly bichon frise animal, he might get bitten. It was at this point the victim allegedly became "enraged" and jumped on the dog, trying to choke it.

Seriously? Dude tried to choke a freaking dog?

At that point, the roommate leapt up to his dog's aid and pulled the victim off the pup. The victim allegedly got even more pissed off and tried to beat up the roommate. The roommate was so scared, he grabbed a gun from near his bed, shot the victim and called 9-1-1. The roommate said he feared for his life. Well, if someone is crazy enough to try and choke a dog, no telling what he'll do for an encore.

The victim died after being taken to the hospital. The roommate was questioned and released by police.

The lesson in all this is don't choke a freaking dog!

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