Man Still On Search For Elusive Video Of HPD Beating Him

Charles Chukwu is still trying to get his hands on a video tape allegedly taken at the city jail that may or may not show officers

assaulting him

. He says even though Internal Affairs investigated the matter and decided there wasn’t enough evidence to discipline the officer, Chukwu just wants to see the tape for himself.

Chukwu pleaded his case before the City Council a month ago, and at the time several council members, including councilwoman Sue Lovell, expressed sympathy.

A member of Lovell’s staff tells Hair Balls that after talking to HPD, there was some confusion over whether the investigation had been re-opened, which would then prevent HPD from giving a copy of the tape to Chukwu.

However, that does not appear to be the case.

HPD spokesman Victor Senties says that the investigation is closed, that it has not been reopened, and that there is no current internal investigation into the matter at this time.

Lovell’s staffer later told Hair Balls the same, adding that the head of HPD’s records division “said he’s not even sure there is a video.”

A month ago, Lovell’s office said they may file an open records request asking for a copy of the tape, but the councilwoman’s aid now says that hasn’t happened.

Senties says that Chukwu needs to file the request in order to try to get the video.

Chukwu says he verbally requested the tape and was denied, but is now preparing a written request.

We’ll wait and see if Chukwu’s latest effort works and, apparently, whether the tape even exists now.

-- Chris Vogel

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.