Man Sues Four Loko Manufacturer, Saying It Gave Him a Stroke

Our old friend Four Loko hasn't been in the news much lately, especially since they took all the alcohol caffeine out of it.

But a Valley man is suing the drink's manufacturer and a convenience store because, he says, drinking two cans of the stuff caused him to have a stroke.

Robert Villa says he purchased two cans of Four Loko at the Aziz Convenience Store in Donna in 2010.

And then, he says, this happened:

After consuming the beverages, Plaintiff felt his right arm and leg go numb. He became unconscious, and did not recover until early the following morning. Upon awakening, he still felt the numbness in the arm and leg and in fact it had gotten progressively worse. Plaintiff, believing that sleep would cure the problem, attempted to return to bed and fell asleep when he awoke at approximately 6 p.m. at which time he had a throbbing headache, and the numbness in his arm and leg were worse. Plaintiff then began to vomit...

He went to the hospital, where he was told he had suffered a stroke.

Villa says both the manufacturer, Phusion Projects, and the store should have done more to warn him about the possible effects of drinking Four Loko.

The suit specifies $75,000 in damages but also seeks unspecified punitives. It says that since drinking the beverage, Villa has suffered "emotional distress, mental anguish, pain and suffering and lost income, past and future."

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