Man, That Was Going To Be One Laid-Back Jail Stint

If you're going to be stuck in jail for a while because of a hit-and-run charge, you ought to enjoy the experience, right?

That's certainly the philosophy Anna Sporleder of Friendswood follows. The 30-year-old woman was arrested on the old "failure to stop and give information" charge and was taken to the jail. Which is where the fun started.

Sporleder dropped a vicodin pill on the floor, according to Friendswood police, which not unnaturally aroused the suspicions of jail officers.

They tried to perform an inspection -- finding at one point the muscle relaxant Soma -- but, as the police statement puts it, "a struggle followed." During that struggle Sporleder swallowed "several pills." She also managed to bite the gloved hand of the officer doing the inspection.

It was going to be quite the night for Sporleder.

Vicodin, Soma, "several" other pills: We're sure she could have done the time with a smile on her face.

As it is, she faces charges of assault on an officer. And whatever drugs she managed to get down probably wore off by the time she was transferred to Galveston County Jail.

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