Man The Barricades For Dogs And Cats

Man The Barricades For Dogs And Cats

Have some free time at noon today? If so, and you feel the city is ignoring problems at the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care, you might want to scoot down to a demonstration at City Hall.

No Kill Houston wants the city to approve a contract to bring a supposed "no-kill" animal shelter consultant to assess the troubled animal shelter.

According to the press release, "Houstonians have a message for Mayor Bill White: Stop the stall tactics and sign the contract! For nearly three months, the city's contract with Nathan Winograd, a leading animal shelter consultant, has been in legal limbo while dogs and cats continue to die."

Animal advocates raised $8,000 last year to pay for Winograd's assessment, but the contract seemingly died after the city demanded Winograd waive all city liability, as well as agree to not release any findings without first clearing it through the city.

Some of the advocates will address City Council following the demonstration, which will be held at the reflecting pool outside the building.

For more information on what exactly's going on at BARC, as well as Winograd's real credentials, be sure to check out the Houston Press Wednesday for an in-depth report.

-- Craig Malisow

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