Man U Fans Hate Houston (Or Maybe Just Us)

The MLS All-Star Game is only a day away, where the league's best will take on Manchester United, who are the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, the Notre Dame of soccer: You either love them or hate them.

We decided to hate them, just because they get enough love elsewhere.

The post wasn't up long this morning before the comments started coming in:

What an unbelievable scumbag you are. How much revenue is the sh*t stain city of Houston going to make off of this? And this is what you put in your papers? Go get fatter and more polluted... seems to be the only thing Houston is good for.


Classy from our hosts. Just hand over your cash and f*ck off back to MLS mediocrity when we've gone.


How about you go back to reporting on something you know more about, such as baseball or Big Macs.

A new term for the language we speak here:

it must be your right-wing American nature that makes you oppose a club having an older, but still very impressive, stadium that isn't named after some cheap, shit brand. The fact that the website is in several languages is like other big football clubs and unlike American 'franchises' who only put it in American (moronic English). Lastly, don't compare a world force like United to American franchises who play sports that no one else cares about and it's Manchester United (or United), not Man U

Overall, we prefer this guy's take:

I guess you limeys are not aware of the term tongue-in-cheek? Butch up lads...

And welcome to Houston!!!

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