Manuel Tovar: Secretly Installed Camera to Get Nude Pics of Ex-Wife, Cops Say

Manuel Tovar had the simplest of explanations for installing a hidden camera in his ex-wife's bedroom, according to documents.

He "wanted to see her naked," he told her when she confronted him in a taped phone call, the documents say.

The two had been divorced for nine years, but he often came by her place to visit their kids. On one such trip last July, he offered to fix the roof via the attic.

He apparently took a computer along for the job, possibly to check DIY YouTube videos. Somehow the computer was linked by a wire to a camera in a small hole near the ceiling fan in the woman's bedroom, right over her bed.

A neighbor noticed it partially hidden between rafters May 30 when he went into the attic to fix the a/c. He showed the ex-wife the laptop and, documents say, she immediately recognized it as Tovar's.

"When she opened the 'My Picture' files, she found that the files contained photographs of her in her bedroom, including clothed, partially clothed and completely nude," the court documents say.

She later called Tovar and taped the conversation. An investigator listened to the tape and said, "The defendant said he 'did it' and was 'sorry'...Defendant stated to [her] that he took the photographs because he wanted to see her naked."

He now faces a felony charge of improper photography/visual recording.

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