March Madness Now Includes A DWI Crackdown

March Madness Now Includes A DWI Crackdown

It's March!! Time for Spring Break!! And March Madness!! And, ummm, a DWI crackdown by the Harris County DAs office.

We don't know what kind of crazed marketing mind came up with the title "The 'March Madness' Anti-DWI Enforcement Campaign," but someone did, and DA PAt Lykos's office is putting out the word.

"Prosecutors and area law-enforcement patrols will be using the 'No Refusal' program to target widely varying sections of Harris County on Friday and Saturday nights," the DAs office states. "They can gain expedited court warrants authorizing intoxication tests for suspects who decline voluntary breath or blood testing."

What that means is the standard DWI lawyer's advice of "Never take the breath test!!" won't apply.

Cops will be able to get warrants rapidly for anyone who doesn't volunteer.

The exact locations where cops will be stopping and testing people on the weekends are....unavailable, unbelievably. They'll actually be patrolling, but there is some indication of where to be wary if you're coming back from a bar.

The locations where the expedited warrants/testing will be done include central intake downtown (duh), but also the police substation in Kingwood and the Constable 8 precinct office in Clear Lake.

So plan accordingly. Or, you know, don't drink and drive.


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