March Madness Returns to Houston, So Which Team Should You Cheer For?

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament returns to NRG Stadium this week, hosting the South Regionals on Friday and Sunday. And since the Texas-based college basketball teams all crapped out on Thursday (0-5 for the day), there will be no Texas team coming to Houston for fans to latch on to, like in 2010 when the city of Houston was suddenly full of Baylor fans.

Seeing the current state of college basketball in Texas, pathetic, people in the state probably aren't used to seeing the caliber of basketball that will be played this weekend. So while the stench of the rodeo is being cleared out of NRG Stadium and the environs, and the place is being turned into one of the worst basketball facilities known to man -- it'll never be understood why people pay hundreds of dollars for a seat in a building in which the best view of the action comes from watching huge video screens high over the court -- here's a quick little primer to help Houstonians figure out which team to jump on the bandwagon for this week.

Coming to Houston will be Duke (31-4), Gonzaga (34-2), Utah (26-8), and UCLA (22-13). Duke's a big name with one of those obnoxious fan bases convinced that they (fans), it (the team) and him (the coach) are far superior to anybody else -- think St. Louis Cardinals fans who consider themselves, and the organization, the class of Major League Baseball. UCLA is one of the great names in college basketball history, only it's been living off of that reputation for far longer than it held the title, kind of like the Green Bay Packers.

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John Royal is a native Houstonian who graduated from the University of Houston and South Texas College of Law. In his day job he is a complex litigation attorney. In his night job he writes about Houston sports for the Houston Press.
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