Marcia Brady…TMI!

Over ten years ago Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady on a little show called “The Brady Bunch,” released a little gem of a book entitled Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg which detailed his hot and heavy crush on Florence “Ma Brady” Henderson as well as the shocking revelation that Alice was a crystal meth freak (okay, kidding).

A longtime Brady fanatic, I appreciated the tell-all for what it was – an obvious last ditch attempt at making some much needed cash. And you know what? I didn’t fault Barry for that. His book was delicious dish and much needed fodder for my Brady lovin’ fantasies. It was cute and packed with gossipy goodies…without revealing too much.

Flashforward a decade and we have Maureen “Marcia” McCormick putting out her memoir entitled Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding my True Voice, in which we discover that perfect Marcia not only had a serious coke problem, but Eve Plumb, who played Jan, used to walk around naked in the dressing room and fart indiscriminately. (I know this because I purchased the People with an excerpt from the book…like I wasn’t going to?)

Anyway, you couple this with the recent story about Susan “Lispy Cindy” Olsen throwing up on a radio show after tying one on the night before, and you start to feel a little depressed.

Back in junior high when I read Barry’s tell all, the most he would reveal is that he came to the set stoned once, which I found humorous even then. I mean come on, he was 17 and being forced to play the nerdiest high school senior on television (even Johnny Bravo was sorta nerdy!). But his book is a far cry from Maureen McCormick admitting to selling her body for cocaine, undergoing multiple abortions, and having a mother with syphilis. Can I say…TMI?

Please, we need to keep the Bradys the Bradys in our minds for as long as possible. Yeah, I realize the lawn was Astroturf and the Dittmeyers didn’t exist, but the image of Jan Brady cutting one as she trots around naked is really going to keep me from having a sunshine day today if you know what I mean.

-- Jennifer Mathieu

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Jennifer Mathieu
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