Not Marcus Hertz.
Not Marcus Hertz.

"Marcus Hertz" Tries to Sell a Rental Car on Craigslist

Who would know better about a slightly used car than a guy named "Marcus Hertz"? He's probably devoted his entire life to helping out drivers who need a temporary ride.

Alas, the Marcus Hertz trying to sell a 2011 Nissan Altima on Craiglist turned out to be two Houston dudes trying to sell a rental car, KPRC reports.

They forged the name on the registration, ingeniously (we're sure they thought).

Bradley Eugene Rhodes, 26, has been charged with felony counts of forgery of a government instrument and theft, and Brandon Wilson, 26, faces charges of felony theft and fraudulent transfer of a motor vehicle.

KPRC says a potential buyer saw the car listed on Craigslist and thought it looked like a deal.

The buyer met the two sellers at a gas station on FM 1960 near US 59 on Jan. 16. Deputies said the victim took the car for a test drive and then handed over $5,940 in cash to buy the car. He was handed the forged title, according to deputies, listing a mysterious prior owner named "Marcus Hertz."

When the victim tried to obtain license plates for his new vehicle, he found out the title was forged and the car was actually a Hertz Rental Car vehicle.

Marcus, you should be ashamed.

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