Keep that shirt down if you're in Galveston, young lady
Keep that shirt down if you're in Galveston, young lady

Mardi Gras Arrests Down by 50 Percent, Cops Say

Can you really have a Mardi Gras without a lot of arrests? Galveston is finding out.

Galveston announced earlier this year that this year's 100th anniversary Mardi Gras would be "family friendly," with more security and an admission fee to key areas.

And if, as some have complained in our comments section, the result is a less-festive Mardi Gras, it's also been one with fewer arrests.

Only 50 arrests have been made over the first two weekends, Galveston police say.

"Those (arrest) numbers are very low for the number of crowds we had," GPD chief Charles Wiley said. "We make more arrests than that on a typical summer weekend."

A big part of the reduction has been the $15 fee to enter the "entertainment district," Wiley said.

"Part of the large point in charging admission is to keep out the folks that would come and cause a disturbance for us," Wiley said. "I support the fee. It's certainly helped us. I think we've had a very orderly Mardi Gras thus far."

A very orderly Mardi Gras. Who could ask for anything more?

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