Headin' for Marfa, no doubt
Headin' for Marfa, no doubt

Marfa Lights Solved!! It's A Giant Bird!!

You may have thought that the mystery of the Marfa Lights had been pretty much settled with scientific research showing that the eerie illuminations are just far-off car headlights bouncing off thermal layers.


Now comes a creationist scientist who has a new book that shows the lights are....big birds?

Jonathan Whitcomb has a new edition of a book called Live Pterosaurs in America, and according to a new interview he thinks Marfa's got itself a Pterosaur.

Although Whitcomb admits that Marfa Lights may come from an unknown bioluminescent bird or bat, he says, "It is more likely than not from a creature similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea, and my associates and I are sure about the ropen: It is a pterosaur."

Now, most so-called "scientists" believe pterosaurs -- you probably know them as "pterodactyles" -- no longer exist.

But Whitcomb, who calls himself a "cryptozoologist," says he's found them, the above-mentioned "ropens" of Papua New Guinea.

So take your choice -- huge flying birds or car headlights? Occam's Razor would go for the huge illuminated birds, we're sure.


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