First rule, kid: Don't take nothing but cash

Maria Ipina: Valley Cops Say Toddler Caught Peddling Weed Door-to-Door

Even the most grizzled cops in the Rio Grande Valley town of San Juan say this is a new one for them, and that's saying something.

They say they have had to remove a four-year-old girl from her home after neighbors complained that the pre-kindergartener had been going door to door trying to interest them in buying weed.

And here you thought kids these days lacked initiative...

Acting on an anonymous tip, San Juan police knocked on the door of 22-year-old Maria Ipina and asked her about the allegations. Ipina consented to a search of her home, and reports say a toddler was present, though it's not clear if that child was the same one as the little pot-dealing prodigy that brought the heat to her family's door.

Police say they found no weed, but did come up with over one stash of over 200 grams of cocaine and another 20-odd packages of yayo hidden in a cereal box. Magically delicious indeed...

Ipina is scheduled to be arraigned in Hidalgo County Court on the drug charges and could also face child-endangerment charges. CPS took the child into custody. No word on whether the girl tried to get the social workers stoned or if she faces any charges for trying to bring reefer madness to her neighborhood.

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