Maria Salinas: The $194 Hug of An Old Man

When you're a guy who's reached the august age of 84, it can be gratifying to find a 22-year-old woman who wants to chat with you a bit and share some time.

It can also be an expensive proposition, it turns out.

We don't know whether Maria Delrosario Salinas, 22, of Harlingen staked out a Wells Fargo bank in that city looking for a likely victim, or if she just stumbled across some luck, but if what cops say is true, she knew how to take advantage of the situation.

Police say an unidentified 84-year-old man from La Feria had gone to the bank branch and gotten $194 in cash. He then sat down on a bench and waited for his ride home.

"While he was waiting, [Salinas] sat down beside him and started a conversation," police say. "After a few minutes, [Salinas] got up and gave the victim a hug as she was leaving...Minutes later, the victim realized that during the hug, [Salinas] had reached into his pocket and and stolen the bank envelope containing $194 in U.S. currency."


Salinas left in a van, but a subsequent investigation led to her and she was arrested without incident August 13. She faces a state jail felony of theft from a person.

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