Maria Shriver's Site Taps "Children Are Sexy" Group Member for Contributing Writer

Award-winning journalist Maria Shriver's Web site is full of ostensibly terrific people telling inspirational tales, but one really sticks out: a spokeswoman for a Houston-based organization that believes "young children are incredibly sexy."

Blossom Benedict, a high-ranking member of Access Consciousness, which relocated to Houston from Santa Barbara in 2012 earlier this year, is a featured writer -- or an "Architect of Change" -- on Shriver's blog. (Big thanks to blogger and weirdo-watchdog Connie Schmidt for bringing this to our attention.)

Benedict's bio on the blog describes her as "an international speaker, facilitator and coach who has facilitated workshops in 12 different counties and touched thousands of lives with her gentle, joyful and dynamic presentation of the life changing tools of Access Consciousness."

Of course, not all of those tools are mentioned on the blog. Noticeably absent is Access's belief that there is no such thing as right or wrong, and that the way to deal with your critics -- "Evil Little Fucks," in Access parlance -- is by threatening to kill them.

There's also the Access belief that your family is only worth a damn if they have money -- otherwise, family just stands for "Fucked-Up and Mainly Interested in Limiting You."

Anyone else have the willies?

But, really, it's the whole children-being-sexy that has always sketched us out. But then again, we're only human -- as opposed to the enlightened humanoids of Access -- and are therefore pedestrian in thought and deed.

Shriver's spokesman, Matthew DiGirolamo, told us via e-mail that the site "has nearly 350 guest contributors who write on a variety of topics from their own personal experiences and perspectives. Posts on MariaShriver.com do not represent an endorsement of any guest contributor's outside views, opinions or associations." He also explained that "the selection of guest contributors is not made by Maria Shriver herself."

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