Mario Montalban-Ramirez: Houston Murderer, Deported to Mexico, Found Passed Out Near Minnesota Bus Stop

If a dude was convicted of murder -- in hardboiled, law-and-order Texas, then deported to Mexico, you probably would think you've seen the last of him.

Not when the dude in question is the hard-partying Mario Montalban-Ramirez, however.

Convicted of murder in Houston in 1984, he received an eight-year sentence but was released two years later because hey, it was the '80s, man.

He eventually moved to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and was arrested several times, mostly involving escapades featuring him being incredibly drunk. Minnesota got tired of him and sent him back to Texas; Texas deported him to Mexico in 2003.

You can't keep an alcoholic illegal-alien convicted murderer down, though.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Montalban-Ramirez, who sometimes goes by the name of Oscar Yturria, was arrested this week, passed out at a bus stop near a college campus, a nearly empty bottle of vodka in his pocket.

He was initially booked on an open-container charge but now faces federal charges of illegally re-entering the country, which seems to be pretty much a slam-dunk conviction for prosecutors, since he will be present in the courtroom and all.

No word on whether they're sending him back to Texas.

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Richard Connelly
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