Marlin Joe Brown, 67, Bayou Body Count No. 100

The 100th Bayou Body Count of the year comes to us in the form of an elderly man who got in a fatal fight over his girlfriend.

Police report that Marlin Joe Brown was the landlord of a property in the 5700 block of Allison, in the rural open spaces south of Beltway 8. He confronted his tenant, who was also his employee, about "an alleged sexual relationship between the male and Brown's girlfriend," police say.

The two fought, with the tenant pushing Brown out the door.

"When the male pushed him outside, Brown told him he was going next door to get his gun," police say. "The male then grabbed his shotgun and ran outside to hide under a trailer."

A trailer -- just what this piece of theater needed.

"Brown returned and began shooting towards the male and into the male's residence," police say. "The male returned fire and fatally struck Brown."

Both the male, 55, and the female in question, neither of whom were identified, were questioned but not charged. Brown took a shot to the upper torso and was pronounced dead at the scene; the shooter was uninjured.

HPD says an investigation is continuing.

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