Mary Bassi: NOT Too Old to Work in Strip Clubs!!

Women in your 50s, rejoice. Your God-given right to work in titty bars has been upheld by the federal courts.

Well, maybe it wasn't as explicitly stated as that, but the Houston office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is reporting that Mary Bassi, who says she was harassed out of her Cover Girls waitressing job for being too old, has won a $60,000 settlement.

The defendants in the case did not admit any wrongdoing.

Your federal government proudly declared victory, however, on the strip-club front.

"Age discrimination cannot and will not be tolerated in any business or industry in Houston," said EEOC Regional Attorney James Sacher. "No matter what sector they occupy, business establishments are not exempt from the federal laws which protect employees from discrimination and adverse employment actions based on age."

Thirtysomething managers at Cover Girls made repeated comments about Bassi being "old" and made (very classy) jokes about Alzheimer's, the EEOC says.

"Cover Girls' management also began hiring younger female waitresses and scheduling them for shifts in place of Bassi, despite the fact that she was performing her duties well and had received no recent disciplinary actions," the agency said.

She was finally fired in 2006, when she was 56, "without provocation or explanation."

Nothing provocative? That's not good for a strip club.

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Richard Connelly
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