Mary Flood Moves From Chron To PR, May Keep A Chron Blog

Mary Flood, for years a legal-affairs reporter for the Houston Chronicle, has left the building at 801 Texas to go into public relations.

She'll be with Androvett Legal Media & Marketing, which prides itself on getting positive publicity for its clients: "In an era that is increasingly dominated by search engines and influential blogs," they say, "we know the right outlets, reporters and services that deliver client news most effectively."

One of those possible outlets: New hire Mary Flood's blog, right on the website of her old employer the Chron.

A person whose job is to get lawyers publicity will be doing a blog about legal matters here in Houston.

What could go wrong?

Chron editor Jeff Cohen wouldn't return messages on the issue, but Flood tells us her blog -- if indeed it is approved -- will not be an Official Chronicle Blog. (CultureMap's Clifford Pugh, also a former longtime Chron reporter, first reported that Flood "hopes to continue to write a legal blog for the Chronicle website.")

"No blog has been OKd yet," she tells us by e-mail. "But if I do one it would be community blog not Chron content."

In other words, it won't be on the official page of official Chronicle blogs by official Chron staffers and freelancers.

It will just be on a separate page -- maybe this one, maybe this one -- where it will be one of the seemingly thousands of blogs hosted by the paper, which holds itself completely not responsible for any of the content.

But we're guessing it might include some Androvett clients from time to time.

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