Masih Golabbakhsh, 2 Months, Bayou Body Count No. 91

UPDATE: After the medical examiner determined that Masih had been buried alive, a charge of murder was filed against the mother, now identified as Narjes Modarresi.

It was one of the most horrific reported incidents of this or any other year: a young mother told police she was pushing her two-month-old son in a stroller down a peaceful street in suburban west Houston in broad daylight when a man drove up out of nowhere, snatched her child and drove off. The woman told police the man made no demands nor offered any other explanation, and she said that she didn't get a good look at his face.

But as is so often the case with reports of stranger abduction, the police investigation is now focused on someone who knew the victim well.

Although an Amber Alert was duly issued, police decided that the mother --- 27-year-old Narjes Golabbakhsh -- merited further questioning, especially when they noticed she had mud on her shoes.

That clue led them to investigate a forested area hugging Buffalo Bayou very close to the 8000 block of Woodway, where Narjes said her child was snatched. There in the forest a stone's throw from Kinkaid, Narjes led police to the leaf-covered infant body of Masih Golabbakhsh.

No charges have yet been filed and a police spokesmen tells Hair Balls that autopsy results still pending at the Harris County Medical Examiners Office will determine what charges, if any, the mother will face.

One member of little Masih's devastated family said that his mother was on medication, but he didn't say what she suffered from. Masih had a three-year-old sibling who survives him.

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