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the last place you look

Most bands just shove automated updates onto their Facebook pages, but not so with the caps-lock-wary the last place you look, one of Houston's most promising rock bands. The four-piece finds time to reach out to fans among all the busy dealings of being an up-and-coming rock band, responding to comments and posting pictures and new tracks. Hopefully, once they hit arenas and stadiums, they will still remember us little people.

Best Locally Built App

MoneyWell for iPhone by No Thirst Software

This Woodlands-built personal finance app digitizes the old-fashioned envelope system for budgeting, allowing you to track every dime you spend while on the go. It also syncs wirelessly with their desktop software, though that's not required.

Best Neighborhood Blog

The Heights Life

In addition to listing weekly neighborhood events, from gallery openings to restaurant deals, The Heights Life has also covered issues more serious to the 'hood's residents, including concerns about the Walmart deal to the potential closure of public swimming pools this summer.

Best Arts Blog

AIGA Houston

AIGA's Houston bloggers find the beauty in everything: QR codes, animal shelters, Houston's haphazard attempts at architectural preservation. The result is a blog that's as entertaining to read as it is pleasant to look at.

Best Politics Blog


What started as a "whimsical discussion of craft beer" a mere year ago quickly morphed into an all-out information hub for brewers and suds lovers looking for accessible details on Texas House bills 602 and 660, also known as the small brewery bills, thanks to author Cathy Clark's legal knowledge.

Best Rush-Hour Traffic Twitterer

Houston TranStar

Houston TranStar's series of Twitter profiles for each of the 16 main arteries of Houston traffic is indispensable for anyone driving in our city, where rush hour seems to last twice as long as it does in other cities, and is even more maddening. The most frustrating thing about being stuck in your car is wasting precious, expensive gas; at least TranStar can tell you why you and your vehicle are at a standstill, which at least makes you feel better about waiting. Wait, shouldn't you be paying attention to the road and not looking at Twitter?

Best Use of Facebook to Promote a Personal Brand


Looking to use that special aura of "you" in the correct way without falling flat on your face for a social faux pas? You should probably enlist the services of BrandExtract. Their team uses updates on Facebook and to showcase ways that they can help your business or personal enterprise. We weren't all born with the gift of poise, and there is no such thing as a social media finishing school, but BrandExtract sure comes close.

Best Houston Music Blog

Houston Calling/David Cobb

Now in its eighth year of operation, David Cobb's local music blog Houston Calling is one of the best and most intelligent journals chronicling the music scene in the Bayou City. He can count other Houston rock blogs like Space City Rock and Houston Press's own Rocks Off as fans and followers. Cobb covers artists, mostly local but never shying away from the national biggies, in a tone that's hard to find these days. He manages to get strong and in-depth interviews from musicians in town that get to the heart of their craft, and his subjects have grown to understand that his process isn't just to promote a show for a hungry band, but also to bring readers into their musical minds. His show previews and album reviews don't hinge on gimmicks, just his own musical knowledge, which he never feels the need to beat a site visitor over the head with.

Best Late Night Twitterer

Allison Matsu

Allison Matsu is quite possibly our best version of a late-night radio therapist, the kind you see only in movies from the '90s, before you could just Google why you were sad, albeit she's not on air but on Twitter. She can be your cheerleader on a dark night, a partner in crime when you need it, but above all she is a (literally) tireless champion of Houston culture and people. No one is safe from her social media hugs and pokes, from just after sundown to minutes before dawn on some nights, depending on the direction her night takes her. She can also stir a fine shit storm when the mood strikes just by asking an unpopular question, and she isn't immune to people blocking her, but they always end up coming back around. In a climate full of people more than happy to self-congratulate and self-promote, Matsu helps spotlight Houston itself and all the people who make it one of the best social media cities in the world.

Best Rapper Twitterer
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