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Slim Thug

Slim Thug may be the first rapper on Earth to have Twitter implanted into his brain, or so it seems, considering the prodigious clip at which he sends out tweets almost 24 hours a day. When he's not in the studio working on his follow-up to last year's Tha Thug Show, recording verses on friends' tracks or sleeping, the veteran Houston rapper is tweeting most every inch and ounce of his day. With most oversharers on social media, the ones who will tell you what kind of bowel movement their newborn had, you get sick of them quick. But with Slim, you feel like you're getting privileged information even though he's moving ever closer to 200,000 followers. Stay tuned for the very NSFW Tittie Tuesdays, a weekly holiday of mammary proportions on Twitter, of which the rapper is an avid supporter.

Best Use of Twitter to Promote a Personal Brand

Andrew Karnavas

Whether he's transmitting info about his band Runaway Sun, his solo work, the oldies lounge project Bang Bang Boom or his burgeoning new children's music venture, AndyRoo, musician Andrew Karnavas has cultivated his brand better than most anyone else, in the music business or otherwise. His feed is a dizzying list of links to all of his endeavors, but he doesn't let it turn into a nonstop commercial, which is the problem with most self-promoting souls in Houston. He lets you into his world, not letting you forget that at heart he's a twentysomething guy in love with music and his city. Don't be surprised if you are humming AndyRoo's "Brush Your Teeth" along with your kids after one spin of the dentist-approved ode to oral hygiene.

Best Tweet of the Year

Jay Rascoe

"Houston is the greatest city on Earth, if you know what you're doing."

There are tweets about cats, babies, food and sports clogging up your Twitter timeline right now, no doubt. But then there are tweets like Jay Rascoe's back in March that remind you of why you love Houston. The taco enthusiast and budding beer connoisseur hit to the heart of why we love Houston. It's true, Houston really is the greatest city on Earth, if you play your cards right. We have art, food, music, beautiful people, mega amounts of international culture — now if we can just find a way to air-condition the damned thing.

Best Photo of the Year

Phosphorescence by OneEighteen on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/oneeighteen/5577592353

OneEighteen, also known as Louis Vest, is a pilot at the Houston Ship Channel. He uses his camera to document the industrial landscape of Houston's shipping inlet, and in this photo, captures bioluminescent microorganisms responding to the friction of a ship's bow. The photo is a perfect summation of his entire Flickr stream and of Houston as a whole, where beauty can be found in the most concrete of jungles.

Best Video of the Year

Owen Conflenti
KPRC Houston

On the morning of January 31 around 9:20, when everyone was at work or sleeping off the weekend, local KPRC anchor Owen Conflenti was settling back in for a scheduled news update when, possibly forgetting about the evolving aspect ratio of modern high-definition, he gave a good-natured one-finger salute to someone off camera in the studio. By that afternoon, it was common knowledge around town as TiVo's were scanned for the offending gesture, and by that Thursday the Huffington Post and even the Daily Mail in the U.K were reporting on the incident. For once it was a relief to see Houston in the national spotlight for something harmless. No one was as offended as you would have imagined for a city with a church on most every block, and Conflenti still very much has a job at KPRC, and even went on to cover the Super Bowl in Dallas that next weekend. We give all of our good friends the finger. It's the new hug for the '10s. I'm giving you the finger right now.

Best Blog Post of the Year

The Bloggess Accidentally Spreads Christmas Cheer thebloggess.com/2010/12/thank-you-from-me-victor-hailey-anderson-cooper-and-james-garfield/

Last Christmas, Jenny "The Bloggess" Lawson offered a limited number of gift cards to people struggling during the holidays. The comment section rapidly became a free-for-all of heartbreaking stories of desperate financial need and acts of profound generosity.

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