Matt Stiles Joins Chronicle Exodus

Matt Stiles, the energetic and respected governmental reporter for the Chronicle, has resigned, according to his Twitter page.

He says: "Just gave notice that I'm leaving the paper. I'll be back in Austin in two weeks. I'm sad to go, but new opportunities await."

Stiles had covered City Hall and was in the Austin bureau covering the lege. We're also hearing rumors that Roma Khanna, who worked on the HPD crime-lab stuff with the departed Steve McVicker, is leaving the paper, but she doesn't seem to have a Twitter page, where all these things are announced. So that's just a rumor at this point.

As we noted last week, a string of survivors from the Chron's layoffs have quit since the cuts. Add one, and maybe two, more (prominent) names to the list.

Maybe it's time for another high-level meeting at the luxurious Hotel Zaza.

Update after the jump.

Khanna confirms to us she's leaving; she says she'll be "attending graduate school in the fall. I likely will be attending law school but there are a couple variables that could change that. I am quite sad to leave newspapers and am grateful for my years at the Chron. But, I also am excited about new opportunities."

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