Like rain on your wedding day, dude
Like rain on your wedding day, dude
Photo from KTRK

Matthew Ray Creel Finds A Very Ironic, And Unsuccessful, Place To Hide His Weed

Matthew Ray Creel, 21, was pulled over by a cop in Santa Fe last night for having a defective headlight.

He was then arrested because, it turns out, he was driving with a suspended license.

So the cops searched his car. And, according to KTRK, they found some marijuana folded up in a piece of paper.

The piece of paper in question?

Dude's "deferred adjudication order for possession of marijuana dated March 16, 2010 out of Galveston County."

Get it, maaaan? I keep my weed in my court order for smoking weed. Am I Jim Anchower or what?

On the other hand, Creel denied any knowledge of the dope to the cop who found it, so it's possible someone broke into his 1991 Mustang, found his deferred-adjudication paper, and folded some marijuana into it just for grins.

It's possible. It's more possible that the "deferred" part of his deferred adjudication will soon be rendered moot.


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