Photo courtesy Maxim
She's a financial analyst, boys

Maxim's Hometown Hotties: Houston Has A Finalist!

Houston can't brag about its sports teams, or its beautiful geography, or -- for that matter -- its air.

On the other hand, we have....a finalist in the Maxim "Hometown Hotties" contest.

Which isn't as good as breathable air or an NFL team that always finds failure, but it's something, we guess.

"MC" is a financial analyst who wants your support for the contest. According to the questionnaire, she would rather have an amazing sex romp once a year instead of boring sex all year, and -- more importantly -- her preferred "Axe Hair new experimental shampoo" is Downpour Refreshing Mint.

She faces nine other finalists, any one of whom, for all we know, might have chosen a different Axe Hair new experimental shampoo.

Here's video of her photo shoots, featuring the Houston skyline!! We watched it with the sound off, which is probably for the best.

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