Maybe It's Just a 60-day Lunch?

Word is that Jordy Tollett, a.k.a. president/CEO of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, is taking some time off of work. This, of course, comes on the heels of KPRC's undercover report, which found him doing more than just passing out business cards at some Houston bars during his two-hour lunches.

Tollett met with the GHCVB's executive committee this morning about the Channel 2 report. Doug Horn, chairman of the bureau's board, said that "Jordy recognized that he had a problem," and that Tollett asked the board to "give him an opportunity to take extended time off to address those issues. " Tollett will use his 60-day vacation time and some medical leave.

I've been dumped by been around enough lawyers to know that we can't say -- yet -- just what "problem" Tollett needs to "address." The footwear-loving JT still hasn't returned our calls for our initial story, so I doubt we'll be hearing from him soon. Perhaps it's solely a shoe-related thing. (Sorry.)

Other folks seem to have already come up with a diagnosis. Here's one assessment of Tollett's issue, courtesy of Lone Star Times:

"The condition is known in medical circles as "drinking-all-day syndrome," or "fun."

Wait, so what exactly is the problem? -- Steven Devadanam

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