Mayor Candidates Decide To Duck The Press; Can We Trust Them To Tackle Anything Now?

The Houston mayoral field giveth, then it taketh away, then it giveth again, then -- just when your heart is full and you think you and them will be BFFs 4ever & ever -- they goddamn taketh away again.

Using a form letter signed by representatives from all three major campaigns, the candidates announced they will not be appearing at the scheduled Houston Press/University of Houston-Downtown forum scheduled for Wednesday night.

"While our candidates will be accessible to all Houstonians, the rigors of a campaign and the time constraints on our candidates schedule, do not allow us to participate in every request we receive. After having done nearly 40 forums to date, there are simply too many joint appearances to accept all," they wrote.

Thereby dissing you, the Houston Press reader. You had responded to our request for questions admirably, and we were ready to roll on your behalf, until the candidates chickened out.

Liza Alonzo of UH-D noted that the campaigns had confirmed their appearance as little as five days ago.

Oh, they just love to twist the dagger and leave you hanging. We're sure they are all cackling amongst themselves. Except Roy Morales, who's probably pissed he doesn't have anything to do anymore this Wednesday night.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.