Mayor Parker On Twitter, Facebook And Those Nasty People Who Leave Comments On Blogs

Intrepid blogger Mike McGuff  has an interview up with mayor Annise Parker on her -- and the city's -- use of social media in the past and the future.

"She reveals the steps her campaign took to effectively utilize social media and the blogosphere to win the votes," McGuff tells Hair Balls.

Not that she's a social-media maniac. "The bloggers

my campaign taught me how to tweet," she told McGuff. "Iit's still not a natural thing, I don't think, 'Oh I have to get my phone out and tweet.'" But how will we know what you had for lunch, what you think about iPad or every little bump or slight wait involved in your trying to get customer service somewhere?!?!

How does Parker feel about people who comment on blog items? Read on before you comment yourself.

"I love reading the blogs," she says. "I don't normally even read the comments because it seems to be a lot of the people who comment on blogs are -- maybe they're the kid who didn't get picked in dodgeball or something. It's what they sound like, so you have to kind of pick and choose."

So, before you comment, THINK about your dodgeball draft status. And act accordingly.

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Richard Connelly
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