Mayor Turner Says Don't Be in a Hurry to Mingle Just Yet

Mayor Turner urges caution.
Mayor Turner urges caution. Screenshot
The governor of Texas has made his decision to allow restaurants and malls to open up this Friday but Mayor Sylvester Turner made it clear in a Tuesday afternoon press conference that he isn't in any hurry to rush out and about, no matter how much he wants the local economy to recover from the financial beating it has taken from COVID-19.

"For myself,  I’m going to continue to very, very cautious," Turner said. "Just because something opens up doesn’t mean you have to go there."

On another day in which the mayor was reciting the latest statistics from the Houston Health Department — four more deaths reported bringing the city's COVID-19-related death count to 50 and 61 new cases bringing the total number of known positive coronavirus cases in Houston to 3,419 — Turner urged the community to maintain social distancing and hand washing and to continue to wear masks in public.

Dr. David Presse , health authority for the city, echoed the mayor's remarks. "This disease can be devastating if we give it a chance." He also made the point that while the number of deaths in the city is relatively small,the number of positive cases is not.

The mayor urged people to be tested whether symptomatic or not so that they can have a better idea of the range of the pandemic in the Houston area.

Meanwhile over at the ready harris site, the county was reporting a total of 53 deaths and a total of
2,567 positive cases. 
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