Mayor's Office to SF: Send Us Those Recycling Bins!

Victory! Of sorts. In the ongoing battle for San Franciscans to be able to donate 200 recycling bins to Houston's sorry non-recycling residents.

Mayoral spokesman Frank Michel tells Hair Balls that "The contention that the city is somehow not cooperating with this request is not supported by the facts."

He says city officials only heard of the request last Friday -- which doesn't jibe at all with what the SFers are saying -- and that further action was delayed by Tropical Storm Edouard. (So Tropical Storm Edouard did actually affect something!)

Michel says the city will be happy to accept the bins. It apparently doesn't matter that the donation seems to be a bit of a slap in the face as much as an open-hearted act of giving.

Michel's statement on the matter:

We got the first inquiry about these bins or the possibility of cash donations to purchase such bins, sometime after 3:30 p.m. last Friday. Our recycling people spoke with Mr. Steven Eliott in San Francisco on Monday. (Then they were interrupted for a couple of days by the hurricane, of course) The web site for Mr. Eliott's group Progressive Reading Series, I am told, even makes mention of that conversation.

The recyclying office told Mr. Eliott that they would have to consult the city Legal Department and do some due dilligence about the acceptance of such a donation and would get back to him. They now have the answers they were seeking from the attorneys and will continue to follow up with Mr. Eliott.

The city does accept donations for such things and there is likely some paperwork and other details to be clarified.

The contention that the city is somehow not cooperating with this request is not supported by the facts.

So while it's a bit of a he-said, she-said situation as to how long the city took to cooperate, the bottom line is that San Franciscans will get to donate 200 bins to Houston, thus solving forever this city's problem with getting anyone to recycle.

-- Richard Connelly

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