McCain Supporters to Meet in Some Kingly Digs

A first meeting of "The Houston John McCain Supporters Group" has been announced, an invitation-only event where fans of the GOP candidate can discuss the race.

Where will it be held?

The Vietnam Elvis Museum, of course.

Or maybe not "of course"; we really don't know. But that's where it's being held.

The Vietnam Elvis Museum is actually the private home of Henry Nguyen. It's crammed with memorabilia, but it's not a "museum" in the sense that people can just come in and look around.

"1972 -- when the King met the President? I have that picture, autographed," Nguyen says. "You name it, I got it."

Nguyen says his group has no official connection with the John McCain campaign, something we could have probably guessed.

He says he's a political independent (although he held fundraisers for Bush), but that "the country's situation is so critical" that he is taking on the McCain cause.

Invitees will discuss various aspects of the race. "I'll provide drinks and entertainment -- Elvis, of course," he says.

John McCain is not expected to show up. Neither, for that matter, is Elvis.

-- Richard Connelly

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