McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club
McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club

McConaughey's Booking Agency Doesn't Want You to Know How Much UH Is Paying Him

Matthew McConaughey's celebrity booking agency won't let the University of Houston disclose how much it's paying him to deliver the school's much-anticipated May commencement speech.

Due to an unusual confidentiality clause in UH's contract with Celebrity Talent International, the school can't release the cost of booking McConaughey without first letting the booking agency file an appeal with the state AG's office requesting the information be withheld from the public. The Chron evidently discovered the rare secrecy clause in McConaughey's contract when a reporter requested details about the actor's upcoming commencement-speech gig.

"It should be noted that the University does not believe the information is confidential, but must allow the third party the chance to make their argument against disclosure," UH told the daily in a statement.

Back last month when UH made the big announcement that it had bagged the Academy Award winning actor, university president Renu Khator said McConaughey had a personal connection to the school; his father, "Big Jim" McConaughey, apparently once played football at UH.

According to the price range listed on Celebrity Talent International's website, it may have also cost the university anywhere from $150,000 to a half-million dollars to book McConaughey for the speaking gig. Hopefully we'll soon find out exactly how much it costs to bring in, as UH put it, "the kind of star power that adds muscle to the University of Houston's bold reputation campaign 'Welcome to the Powerhouse.'"

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