Medger Chauncey Duckens: Church Worker's Sexts to Underage Girl Feature Sophisticated "Hard Nips" Line

When you have the swellegant moniker of Medger Chauncey Duckens, it's to be expected that your roll will be smooth and sophisticated.

Especially when you, a 43-year-old church worker, are texting a 15-year-old female church member.

Duckens brought his A game to sexting the girl, but was caught and the girl's father told cops Duckens had fondled his daughter's buttocks and kissed her open-mouthed. Jesus wept.

Here's Duckens at work, according to court documents, which present an epistolary story unmatched since The Color Purple.

5. The tamest one Duckens: R u ready? Girl: For what? Duckens: Me as ur private toy Girl: (: as much as I want that I cant

4. Not to be deterred, there was this morning greeting Duckens: GM. I really could use ur motivation since I woke up w/ u on my brain. If just this time I could get that butt pic w/ or w/o da thong, I could look at it all da way 2 work

Unsafe driving, sir!!

3. The gentle ways of a teacher. A teacher (allegedly) looking to rape a 15-year-old Duckens: If u promise to stay cool w/ me, I will teach u all about the master'n tricks of sex u don't know. It will drive the guys u want crazy...I promise, but u have 2 promise. Girl: ? I'd rather learn from experience than from u teaching me.

2. It was not all roses. Duckens criticizes the girl's photographic abilities, for the things she doesn't show Duckens: Well, the things I can't see are vibes, physical moisten'n, hard nips, etc. Can't [see] those unless u show me or let me chk 4 myself.

1. And then it just gets awful. Remember, he's 43 and she's 15 Duckens: I wish I could take those trim fine legs of urs, hold them in the air while u lay on ur back, open them at the right angle, let u c it sliding in, then when u start lik'n da way it massages and relax ur inner canal, then I will lean towards ur lips and kiss u as much as u want, while feeling me sliding in and out of u, til ur legs start trembling, ur abs tighten, ur back arches, u byte ur lips, then let out this uncontrollable high pitch moan while u cum all over my dick and b at a state of awe 4 a strong strong min. Girl: U want me? Duckens: Well, it's work'n and of course i wantcha. But that can be dangerous fa ya w/ my wanderin hands when we alone :)

We can only hope that "U want me?" is the girl messing with him, otherwise it's pretty heartbreaking. In all, there were 266 text messages from Duckens to the girl over a two-month period this spring.

Duckens, the court documents say, is the nephew of the minister at Heavenly Star Baptist Church and works there as a sound technician.

Court documents say he told police the texts were the result of the girl having "a romantic crush" on him. He said they had begun exchanging text messages, but when they became "heated" he cut off the relationship.

He is charged with online solicitation of a minor.

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