Medical Marijuana Group Starts In Texas, We Think

Our sister blog, Toke of the Town -- the number one site for all weed-related news on the net -- reported yesterday on the founding of a new group seeking to make medical marijuana legit in Texas.

Lots luck with that, fellas.

There's an official press release from Texas Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group, but the opening paragraph sounds like it was written by someone who was....wait for it.....not very good at English. (What did you think we were going to say?)

With the state of Texas recognizing Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group (MMAG) as a non-profit, the fight to bring medical marijuana legislation to Texas' constitution grows closer to being a reality. MMAG, a recently founded organization advocating peaceful protest for pharmaceutical research, joined the movement with full force, absent of hesitation to act, from Alexander Young, president and founder of the group. The goal was clear and the level of motivation and passion in the executive board members flared, quickly attracting supporters.

We have no idea what that all means, on many levels. Except that Babelfish is still on the web, translating from the original Esperanto.

We tried calling the number for the PR guy, but it was no longer in service.

So all we're saying is, don't expect to have legal medical marijuana in Texas by, like, next month or something.

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