Meeting Of The (Utterly Insane) Minds: Glenn Beck Interviews A Texas Secessionist From Houston

Glenn Beck has stumbled onto an extremely lucrative shtick -- act like an insane man, and right-wing nuts will give you incredible ratings (for cable, anyway), they will throw money at you for your supremely silly books, they will take you seriously as a political analyst.

Hard to believe, but true.

Beck, as anyone who tunes into KTRH-AM in the mornings knows, is completely unlistenable (He's got great radio chops, but other neessary basics, like logic and sanity, are missing). So it's a good thing there's a transcript to his groundbreaking interview with Daniel Miller, a Houstonian who is head of a Texas-secessionist group called the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Some highlights:

First, dude claims a quarter-million members, "based on the forms that we have." Right.

Then there's this exchange:

BECK: OK. Now, are you a group -- I mean, because I can't imagine that the federal government is going to go -- Texas. I mean, you guys are the only successful state in the union, almost. I can't imagine they're just going to say, "Texas, go ahead."

They're not going to let you secede.
MILLER: Well, you know, I would disagree with that. I mean, for those out there who believe that the federal government is going to hang on to us, I would say -- look, the very fact that you're saying that plays very well into the fact that Texas is like an abused spouse.

You never go to an abused wife, Glenn, and say, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid you can't leave, because I'm afraid your husband will beat you." It's morally reprehensible to say something like that.
BECK: But I have this --
MILLER: But the fact of the matter is that's where we are. We want a divorce, Glenn. We want to be divorced from the United States federal government.

A divorce? Who gets the Lynyrd Skynyrd CD collection?

Miller went on to further cement Houston's reputation in the nation -- well, since this was Glenn Beck's audience we're talking about, he went on to further a reputation for being trenchant and cooly professorial.

MILLER: [Janet] Napolitano can answer that question for you very easily, where the right to secede preexisted the Constitution. It's why they never spelled out. I mean, who would ever enter into some sort of contract ...
BECK: Nobody --
MILLER: ... that said when one of the parties broke the contract, that the contract was still in force and you had to live under that abuse. No one. No one would ever make that argument and maintain any intellectual honesty whatsoever.
BECK: You actually -- we only have 30 seconds, so I have to go quick. You actually believe the tea parties are the gateway drug to secession, is that true?
MILLER: Well, I think that's definitely the case for a lot of folks, because, you know, the tea parties have been about venting frustration, and anger with what is going on in Washington, D.C. And what we're seeing here is people are looking for solution. And the solution for Texas is Texas independence.

Another voter for Rick Perry!!

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Richard Connelly
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