Megabus: Just How Safe Is Houston's New, Plush Long-Distance Travel Option?

Much excitement -- well, as much excitement as can surround a bus ride -- was generated by the announcement this summer that Megabus will be offering service from Houston to cities such as Dallas, San Antonio and New Orleans.

Cheap fares, luxurious (again, for a bus) accommodations, wi-fi -- it sounded like a hassle-free way to get between desirable locations.

The trouble is, since around the time service began, the buses have been crashing.

Not all of them, of course -- records show that several, if not more, Megabus trips have been completed successfully.

But jarring video of fiery accidents in Indiana and, now, in Georgia, might have potential passengers wondering if it's such a good idea to board the bus.

Video like this is not exactly a come-on:

That crash killed one and injured dozens.

In the most recent incident, a Megabus caught fire on an interstate near the Georgia-South Carolina border when a tire blew. No one was seriously injured.

So....get on a Megabus?

Hells yeah, spokesperson Amanda Byers tells Hair Balls.

All of our staff at megabus.com are saddened by the recent incidents that have taken place in Chicago and Litchfield, and our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to those affected.

As previously stated, safety is megabus.com's first priority.

"As a national carrier, megabus.com - in 2011 - carried more than 5.75 million customers safely on more than 100,000 trips; this is testament to the dedication and professionalism of our staff as well as the procedures which we implement and monitor to ensure that these are honored.

She lists a whole slew of $150 million in new equipment and upgrades that have been or will be implemented.

Byers says the crashes "are still under investigation by the authorities and we are unable to speculate on any outcomes until completed. However, we will continue to support the investigations in any way that we can. We will also continue to focus on preventative measures which can safeguard our customers, our staff and other road users."

So go ahead, use that wi-fi -- but be sure to check where the nearest exit is.

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