Megan Roiz, Young & Recessioned: Not Even A Magician's Assistant Job

Today's installment of Young & Recessioned features Megan Roiz, a 21-year-old senior at Texas A&M from Sugar Land who is having a tough time finding a part-time job for the summer.

The first job I got, I was 16.

I've worked at two different pet stores, I did a counselor job for a summer camp, I worked at a daycare, and I worked at a physical therapist's clinic as a technician, helping out with the different exercises and doing clerical work.

All those jobs were in Sugar Land. I've only been living in College Station for about a year now.

I had a job [in College Station] last summer. I had it for six months, working at a book store. I stopped when it got t closer to school, because I had a really busy schedule. Since then I've needed a job.

I also had an internship this past summer working with the Livestock Show, but other than that, I've mostly just been looking for part-time work.

I would pretty much work in anything but food. The application process is either going to places and applying or going online. We have a Web site that's called Jobs for Aggies, and [the site] works with the school.

I've been applying vigorously for the past couple of months, but I still haven't gotten anything back. There are so many jobs on there that it's kind of wild.

There are a lot of online things, and I guess that could be one of the issues, because they don't get to meet you. I think online is just kind of copping out of having personal relationships with whoever it is you're trying to get to hire you.

Even if you go in a store, most of the time they'll be like, 'Oh, well, you can go online and apply there.'

I've been applying for clerical work and office work. I applied to work as a bus driver and for a job in child care.

There was a posting for a job as a magician's assistant. I even applied for that. Then I talked to a couple other people that applied for it as well. That was a little bit humorous.

I didn't think it was going to be this difficult. It's kind of ridiculous seeing how many people are in the same exact boat as I am.

I know at one point or another, I'll just accept any job that I can get. But I don't think it will last too long. If you're aggressively pursuing a job, then you're going to get one. But I'll probably suffer for a little bit.

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