Melsar Bonilla and Cristian Granados: Lufkin Teens Lack Back-to-School Spirit, Allegedly Take Dump in Classroom

Two East Texas teens are in Angelina County Jail facing charges of criminal mischief after police say they vandalized a Lufkin Elementary School.

Police there say conically-coiffed Melsar Bonilla, 17, and Cristian Granados, 19, are seen on surveillance video breaking into a temporary classroom. Once inside, Lufkin ISD police say, the pair turned over TVs and other video equipment and sprayed dry erase board cleaner all over the room. As the foul-smelling cherry on top of this sundae of teenage acting out, one of the men allegedly took a dump on the temporary's carpeted floor.

According to Lufkin ISD cops, the duo headed over to the school gymnasium and broke in. There, they commandeered a fire extinguisher and shot it at the walls, the floors and a camera, but alas for them, it was too late. Cops were able to show stills from the video footage to Lufkin High School's principal, who immediately ID'd both suspects. Bonilla was located at his house, a stone's throw from the elementary school's campus.

Both suspects have been formally charged with skipping school in the past, so maybe this was their idea of getting back at the man, like "You bust me for playing hooky, and I'll leave a pile of dookie on your floor, dude." But man, this was an elementary school. Either these guys have been held back more than Rerun himself or this was one hell of a grudge they were avenging.

For the record, Bonilla claimed that the dookie's provenance was an utter mystery to him. Maybe it was the same dog that ate his homework...

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