Memorial High: Staying Classy As Ever With The Stratford Rivalry

Memorial High, the west-side bastion of education for suburbanites, is riling up the women at the website Jezebel.

And with good reason.

Someone sent the site a t-shirt apparently produced for their annual game with Stratford: It features two horses (Memorial's teams are the Mustangs) having sex with a woman wearing a fairy or elf costume. What that has to do with the Stratford Spartans, we're not sure, but in case the message isn't clear the shirt reads "Memorial Towers Over Stratford: F'n Spartans Up Since 1962." (Update: We're told the elf-like attire is what Stratford cheerleaders wear. So that's nice.)

The lithe blonde woman pictured, in case you don't want to click through to the link, is orally servicing one horse while getting it doggie-style from the other. (It sounds so much more classier when you describe it.)

Spring Branch ISD spokesman Steven Brunsman was completely unaware of the shirt, or any controversy that might be attached to it, until we sent him the link from Jezebel.

He said he'll see what he can find out -- whether it's just a single shirt, or something that the school or other officials are aware of and have punished, etc.

Jezebel commenters, of course, are already weighing in.

Says one:

Ah, the old meme of men fighting battles by raping the other side's women. Great. Glad to see that almost a century of women's rights has really changed the paradigm.

I guess those high-fivin' horsies think that double-jobbing a Stratford male of any kind would be icky or emmasculating in some way, so victory is depicted by sodomizing a cheerleader from the other team, someone who theoretically isn't even one of their real opponents.

Sportsmanship at its best. Go team.

PS - Where do I sign up for the letter-writing campaign?


The best (worst) part is the two horses high-fiving each other. Two dudes who high-five each other mid-threesome might as well be fucking each other in the ass.


Memorial High School... memorial to what? Roman Polanski?

The issue is also being discussed at Feminist Law Professors, but they're not nearly as snarky as Jezebel commenters.

Update: The statement from the Spring Branch school district:

Spring Branch ISD has learned about a t-shirt with an inappropriate graphic image that surfaced in connection with a recent high school football game. This t-shirt was not approved, condoned or sanctioned by SBISD or Memorial High. Several t-shirts were confiscated at the game, and several students have been questioned so far about them. This type of behavior is not acceptable. SBISD and Memorial High officials continue to investigate the situation. Any individuals found to be responsible will be dealt with appropriately.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.