Mercury Retrograde At Crosby High

Here's one way to get out of TAKS testing -- bring in a pint-sized bottle of mercury and drop it.

That's what happened today at Crosby High School, where a female student had one to two pounds of mercury in her purse (Why? No one knows), and when it dropped it broke and.....School's out!!! For mercury!!!!!!

Three students tried to clean it up, Crosby superintendent Mike Joseph tells Hair Balls; they've been treated. Fourteen other students who were in the classroom (which was not a science lab) were ordered to take showers and have their clothes tested.

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And, since the school's a/c system had to be shut down, the entire student population was sent home.

So, ummmm, why would someone have a bottle of mercury in their purse? Is this some kind of crazy fad thing?

"That's a good question," Joseph says. "Right now, our first priority is dealing with the students who need treatment, but after that I'm sure there will be an investigation into it."

More oddly, Francisco Sanchez, spokesman for Harris County's office of homeland security and emergency management, tells Hair Balls he heard the student was unaware of the mercury in her purse.

School is likely to be back in session tomorrow, Joseph says, but that will be contingent on the HazMat teams getting everything decontaminated.

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