Meth Comes to the Burbs

There’s been a lot of talk and hand-wringing lately about what to do about the FM 1960 area, especially the stretch west of I-45 and east of Steubner-Airline.

With all the foreclosed homes, vacant strip malls and boarded-up big-box retail, it’s starting to look a lot like a reprise of the Oil Bust years up there.

If the collected wisdom of the Chronicle's commenters is to be believed, the problem lies squarely with apartment dwellers and bus-riders. Which as everyone knows, is not code for “black people.”

But according to KTRK via Swamplot , at least some of the residents have turned to certain foul-smelling, extra-legal modes of employment. Evidently, somebody up there in the cul-de-sacs thought no one would notice if they turned their detached garage into a meth lab.

KTRK had this to say: “The first firefighter who went inside had to be carried out by two others because he was overcome by the fumes. Investigators say something was so strong that it killed trees and grass adjacent to the garage.”

Maybe the aggrieved residents of the FM 1960 ‘burbs should worry a bit more about what’s going on next door instead of in the apartments a mile away.

John Nova Lomax

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