Metro: Are You Great, or Magnificent?

Metro's blog,

Write On Metro

, has hosted a chat with the agency senior VP of engineering and construction, Bryan Pennington.

So let's get to the first question!

"Q: Mr. Pennington seems to be a very talented man with numerous flattering credentials. I met him once about two years ago by mistake but he seemed to be a pretty nice guy. It does give me hope that the light rail system will turn out to be an overwhelming success."


But it's not all roses. The questioner goes on: "Now, if we could only get someone with equal talents on the bus end of things, or better yet, allow the talented people you have to actually use their talents. Seems like everyone is focused on the more interesting 'Project Pennington' instead of getting their hands dirty with the bus system."

Take that, Metro. You aren't using your talented people because of the irresistible charisma that is Bryan Pennington.

Pennington absolutely tore the guy a new asshole in his reply: "Thank you for those kind words. However, I have to say that within METRO, we have many people, who if anything, are even more talented than myself dealing w/ the buses and METRO's other operations."

Take that, mother-effing questioner. The bus people are even more talented than Bryan Pennington.

We're sure the chat went on, but we pretty much had seen enough.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.