Metro Cops Shoot Bystander Near Rice

In the more than 25 years it has been around, Metro's police force has never had an officer shoot and kill someone. Which is probably a good thing, seeing how events unfolded this afternoon.

Metro police killed a man who they say was brandishing a knife even after being Tasered three times. For good measure, they also wounded an innocent bystander.

Details are somewhat sketchy, but apparently a woman at the Rice stop told a Metro cop she'd been harassed by a guy. When the guy in question refused to talk and "acted in a threatening manner," out came the Taser.

Another Metro cop arrived and also Tasered the guy, who nevertheless started brandishing a knife on the Rice jogging path.

So out came the heavy artillery. Unfortunately enough for a woman who was apparently jogging at the time.

The woman received "non-life-threatening injuries" -- they only winged her -- and was taken to a hospital.

It sounds like an incident that really needs to be looked at closely, including determining just how dangerous this guy was at the moment he was shot, and why the hell a bystander got hit.

Since Metro has never shot anyone to death before, they've never had an investigation into such an event. We're sure they will handle it with all the openness and transparency they bring to all their activities.

On the other hand, they could always pleasantly surprise us.

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