Metro police will be watching
Metro police will be watching

Metro Cops Will Be Getting Ticket-Happy Downtown

Metro police will be watching

Metro has announced a project to reduce bus accidents, and it involves cracking down on drivers in those downtown diamond lanes that everybody ignores.

Metro "will be looking for drivers who are violating the diamond-lane traffic laws," the agency announced. Drivers responded "There are diamond-lane traffic laws?"

There are, and they involve staying out of the far lanes unless you're making a turn, and staying out of the inner diamond lane during rush hour unless you're a bus or car pool.

You've been following those rules, right? You should now.

The crackdown will include Louisiana, Milam, San Jacinto, Travis and Smith and Metro will be looking for cars parked in the lanes or people who weave between lanes.

"Drivers who violate the rules can face a steep fine, ranging from $170 to $270, which go to city of Houston," Metro says.

About a quarter of the 782 bus accidents in 2009 happened downtown, Metro says.

The move is part of a larger plan to cut down on bus accidents. Metro will also be studying the placement of its bus shelters and "bus drivers' actions."


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