Metro Expects To Provide Full Service For The Evening Rush Hour

Metro has announced that the evening rush hour should see full service on all its routes and HOV lanes, with the possible exception of the I-45 HOV lane which is still kinda flooded near downtown.

There's a big caveat attached -- if another big storm hits, then changes might have to be made.

Right now there are 13 routes still operating on a reduced schedule due to flooding, spokeswoman Carolina Mendoza says:

*        2 Bellaire
*        4 Beechnut
*        19 Wilcrest Crosstown
*        20 Canal
*        20 Long Point
*        25 Richmond
*        46 Gessner Crosstown
*        53 Briar Forest Limited
*        65 Bissonnet
*        67 Dairy Ashford Crosstown
*        82 Westheimer
*        131 Memorial Express
*        132 Harwin Express


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