Metro: Giving Park-and-Riders Shops They'll Never Use

Metro has been

crowing a bit

about how customers at the Cypress Park-and-Ride will soon be treated to a wonderful new world of retail shops at the facility.

Says Steve Flippo, Metro's manager of joint development:

It's a huge trend, not only in established, older cities, but in newer cities as well - Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, Dallas. This creates a place, not just a parking lot. It's more efficient use of land, you have fewer stops to make in the course of a busy day. It's an economy of time.

The Cypress development is coming about due to a new apartment/retail complex that will share some of the garage space with Metro there.

Longer walks for commuters, maybe, but just think of the luxury and convenience of having retail right there where you're getting on and off the bus.

So what stores will be available for eager bus passengers?

There will be a Schlotzky's and a chocolate shop, which make some sense.

The rest of the line-up?

A real-estate firm. A dental office. And a dance studio.

At last, Metro has answered the needs of all those harried commuters who have been pleading for a chance to learn the samba and get a new apartment while they wait for their bus.

-- Richard Connelly

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